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2600-A Controller

Everyone has that product (or products) they love but wish had been produced more design-consciously. The Atari 2600 console is a nostalgic favorite of the video game community that is noted for introducing the joystick controller. Despite this, there are several aesthetic and functional issues with Atari's classic joystick and button that this CAD redesign strives to address

Problem Points


While the lack of diagonal sensors and limited tilt action of the original design are functional issues, iterative sketching refined an ergonomic form still reminiscent of the source material


...vs. Remodel

The 2600-A has a more ergonomic, sleek form that still possesses the essence of the original. The redesign achieved the structural functionality of the original controller's interior in a simplified form with draft angles for ease of manufacturability. Diagonal sensors along with matching exterior signs have been added for ease of play. Screw holes double as evenly situated posts to support the sensor pad. Last but certainly not least, the joystick has at least 25 degrees of tilt, and the button has been moved onto the joystick for comfortable access

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