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Deft finds a middle ground between the often gaudy bags meant for young teenagers and the minimalism found in those for adults. This bag attaches at the wrist with adjustable straps and is just large enough to hold the everyday essentials including phone, keys, and money

Who Wants It?

Deft Bag_edited.jpg
Alicia Nguyen

16 Years Old

Family: Mom, dad, sister, and two dogs

School: Claremont Academy

Job: Babysitter

Hobbies/Activities: Soccer, hanging out with friends, art club, shopping, scrolling social media, watching Netflix

Preferences: Likes to own items that are currently in style and enjoys a colorful aesthetic; usually spends $30-50 on a purse; currently has a small backpack she never uses as a purse because it’s too big for what she needs, and a small wallet attached to her key lanyard

Aspirational Brands/Stores: Macy’s, Vera Wang,  Dior, Coach

Adjacent Brands/Stores: Vera Bradley, Icing, TJ Maxx

What's Trending?

Adolescent Styles
Adult Styles
Trends Between These Extremes

Mini Backpack

Thick Zippers

Floral Patterns




Checkered pattern



Different Kinds of Attachment for Small Bags
Bag Research_edited.jpg


The goal is a bag capable of fitting within a backpack, which utilizes the practicality of adult purses with a simple but eye-catching pattern or shape to pull in the essence of bags for young adolescents

Portfolio Picture Slides.png
Portfolio Picture Slides.png
Portfolio Picture Slides (1).png

Narrowed down to two options, Idea 1 is visually intriguing but Idea 2 is more practical

Paper Prototyping


Concept is a small bag to be attached at the wrist for easy access and security, large enough to hold everyday necessities. First prototype is covered with a flap, with a front pocket and key hook

Second prototype removes flap (which wouldn't stay open when attached at the wrist) and the key hook (because of the bulk it would add to the front), and an inner pocket for small necessities along with an accordion style card-holder are added inside

Pattern and Fabric Prototypes

First fabric prototype is the basic form and size


Second prototype adds inner pocket, outer pocket, and card-holder. Opens vertically rather than horizontal to accommodate being on either arm

Third prototype adjusts length adds space in front pocket by adding side panels versus sewing it into the front seam. Increases length of strap to make it attachable at wrist or over the shoulder, but it's too difficult to wrap around the arm. One panel of fabric is used to make the cardholder to decrease pieces but it is too bulky. Rose gold zipper is used to add pop of color to the plain muslin


A New Approach to the Teenager's Handbag

Final prototype uses two adjustable wrist straps, cardboard backing for support, an inner pocket, outside phone pocket, and four card holders


Tech Pack

Patterned colorway is added to tech pack to pull back in the original aesthetic goal of the concept

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