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Zand Pad

Relax, unwind, have fun. This redesign of a traditional light pad invites the user to draw in the sand, an impermanent art form that can be used as a meditation tool, idea generator, or creative toy.

Revitalizing the Simple Light Pad

Light pads are typically used for sketching to see the lines on the image below the paper, but there are so many more possibilities for this product

Initial thought map in collaboration with Gates Andrews, Emily Hogan and Chase Kahn

Narrow down on the craft and artistic uses of light pads to make it enjoyable for kids

Playing with Ideas

Colored clear stones/shapes, whiteboard markers, and shaving cream are all varying ways to use light pads for ar

Impermanent Beauty

All of these ideas lead to the idea of art which doesn't last. Because this contradicts how many view and use art, examples of this idea were sought out

Used as a meditation tool or for fun the Buddha Board allows the user to create ink paintings with just water, which fades after several minutes. The beauty and lack of pressure to draw something perfect allows for greater creativity

Ksneiya Simonova is a performance artist who uses sand on a large light pad to create everchanging images


Sand Art for Everyone

Final ideation focuses on how to interact with and contain the sand which can easily cause a mess

Final Concept

Physical Prototype

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