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What do we want in a toy? A child wants a friend to explore the world with or create new ones with and a parent, who is conscious of the current climate, wants to satisfy their child’s desires without incurring a large ecological impact. Buddies satisfy both of these worlds through each plushie’s uniquely lovable character, made entirely from organic cotton. At the end of their life, they and the attached memories need not be tossed into the landfill and instead can be recycled, providing for future sustainable products

Character Ideation

Inspired by their organic materials, each character of the line of five plushies is based around a different plant. Initial ideation was based around which plant and form to develop each character's personality

Next round of ideation focuses on refining the characters into a cohesive line

Arriving at the final concept:


Plant Creature Info.jpg

Colorway with vibrant colors which help develop young eyes, create distinct branding, and shaping each plushie's personality


Nature has a cyclical nature which is often mimicked in sustainable products, influencing the circular nature of logo ideation. Final concept ties this in with the unique character of each plushie

Meet the Characters


A true friend, ready for whatever adventures await


Eager to explore with you and be surprised at every turn


A pal who's cool with hanging around all day


A grumpy exterior hides a warm, fuzzy interior


Always happy to see you and ready for a hug

Physical Prototype

Once general shape and size is determined, pattern pieces for eyes and arms are drafted. The crease is removed between neck and body to more accurately mirror CAD models

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